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Check in procedure

At the date of entry, you will check into the property and go through the inventory you must sign a copy confirming that you are in agreement. A copy of the inventory will be left with you and you must return this to our office along with any amendments.


Public Utility Services

Gas and electricity accounts will be transferred into your name at the date of entry and meter readings taken at that date will be notified to the service provider. All utility charges are the responsibility of the tenant throughout the duration of the tenancy and you will be required to exhibit receipted accounts for final readings at the date of your vacation before any deposit is returned to you. Where a telephone has been installed in the property you will be required to contact British Telecom direct to arrange for connection and billing in your own name. Similarly, the telephone will require to be disconnected by you on departure.

Council Tax

The local authority will be notified of your tenancy and you will be liable for the payment of all Council Tax directly to the local authority. We will require to see a receipt for the Council Tax payment up to date at your departure prior to releasing your deposit.


The landlord will be responsible for insuring the building and/or his contents. However, you will be required to arrange insurance for all of your own personal effects contained within the property and it should be clearly understood that the landlord would have no liability in respect of any items not belonging to them contained within the property during the course of your tenancy.


Tenants are expected to keep any garden ground attached to a property in a tidy and maintained condition.


No pets may be kept at the property unless our specific written authority is obtained.


Any mail arriving at the property for the landlord or previous tenants should be forwarded to our office.

Television Licences

Tenants are responsible for obtaining a television licence in their own name. No television aerials or satellite aerials may be erected without written consent from ourselves.

Persons Sharing

Where the tenancy of a property is shared amongst two or more persons, it is advisable to appoint one of your number as a spokesperson to deal with any queries that arise. Persons sharing tenancies are reminded that they have a joint and several liability in respect of rent and other obligations under the lease.