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Usually the landlord will have left operating instructions for appliances within the property. However, all breakdowns and requests for repairs should be reported to us first and no repairs should be instructed unless authorised by us. In the case of an emergency out with office hours, for example burst pipe, gas leak, etc., you should contact the contractors detailed below.


Plumbers & Gas Engineers

J.H.Horn 07836 584 932

Plumbing (Southside) 07836584933

Plumbing (West) 07836 584 933


Builders, Electrician

Hugh Scott 07702 000 954

James Harkin Electrical Ltd (0141 336 3322

Cunningham Electrical 07834189227 or 07814609220



Joiner Call Out (Break ins / Lock outs) 07717 737 751

Paul Eadie Joinery and Plumbing 07834 285 053

Paul Locksmith Keys Galore 07946 643 414


Please state clearly to the contractor that you are a tenant of Goodearl Property. You will not be charged for the call out unless contractor deems it not to be an emergency.


Smell of Gas

If you smell gas or think that you may have a gas leak somewhere then you should call 0800 111 999 gas emergency line straight away. Open your windows and doors to let air in, make sure all gas appliances are turned off and turn the gas off at the mans if possinle. Do not turn light on or off and avoid using other electrical switches and applinaces. Do not smoke, light a match or any other naked flame.


This is a 24 hour /365 days a year emergency line number.


In the event of an appliance breakdown during the period of your tenancy, you will be expected to check such basic items as fuses, etc., and generally to follow the self-help instructions in operating manuals prior to contacting us as regards a repair. Failure to do so could result in you being charged with the tradesman's account if the foregoing is found to apply.



Need a repair to be carried out in your property? Send us an email : repairs@goodearlproperty.co.uk